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Hell's Gunman Author Robert Coward

Hell’s Gunman

By 1884, Mission, Arizona was a dying town. It had once shown promise as a commercial center between Mexico and the territory, but when the railroad connected Los Angeles to Deming, New Mexico, its fortunes began to wane. A tragic event forced Mission’s sheriff of eight years, Jed Dunston, to turn in his badge and leave behind the woman he loves...Read More

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The Keeper's Dare

A look into my family's dark past is the product of this fictional account based on actual events. It is here that my skill as a writer was being honed and after seven years of research and more than 50 interviews...Read More

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This was my first attempt at writing. It started out as a short story, but a year and 183,000 words later I finally wrote 'The End'. ...Read More

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Welcome to My Webpage

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Robert Coward Author/Novelist and Poet

Major studios in Hollywood have disclaimers on their web sites, stating that if you bring any ideas to them, they then own it. If you want any of your stories, books, novels, screenplays to be reviewed by these studios, they have to approach you. I understand why they do this. Otherwise, the studios would be inundated with hundreds of thousands of requests for material to review, ideas to ponder, screenplays to read, etc.

What they miss out on, though, is a unique perspective, fresh story lines, and most importantly to them, money. Major studio executives have egos as big as Gibraltar. I know, because I have one, too. But, these guys, or women, have no spirit of adventure. They believe the only good ideas come from within their little sphere.

So, I want to reach out to producers, directors, actors, independents who have vision. Not major studio lack of vision. No, they want to crank out re-make after re-make. CG film after CG film. It’s safe. And, it makes money, which is the bottom line for them. Understandable, but the art of film making is being lost, dribbling through their fingers like water.

For those of you who have ‘vision’, welcome to the website featuring one of the most unique authors of our time. The calling card, ‘Different genres for different tastes’, is what makes me a writer for everyone. While most authors seem to stick to one genre, whether it’s romance, horror, true crime, et al, I reach deeper into my psyche to bring to you, the reader, exciting and fast paced novels that envelope the scope of various subject types. On this website, you will find the following:

The Keeper’s Dare – A true crime novel written after seven years of research and eight months of writing. A polished screenplay is waiting for the right investors to pick it up and run with it. At a time when Baby Boomers can be a treasure trove for theaters, major studios want to take gambles on big budget films that ignore their interest, when this one could be made for little risk, with hope of big returns from Baby Boomer pockets.

The Grove of Akkadia – Fresh approach to action/adventure, with a surprise ending that nobody…NOBODY…has come up with. If you are a producer, looking for another blockbuster like Raiders of the Lost Ark, this is your ticket. Do you dare to even look?

Hell’s Gunman – The most unique Western on the market. There is no other like it. Right now, Westerns are making a comeback. Take a chance to JUST look at it! It could be the best grossing Western to ever be made if done right. The story is there.

Whether you are a lover of books, a publisher, or someone in the film industry, it is my fervent belief you will find what you are looking for here. Please use the contact page to reach me if you have any questions or just want to see what my perspective is on writing, getting published or even putting together a screen play. I respond to all who write me. Thank you for visiting the site.

Robert Coward