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Hell's Gunman Author Robert Coward

Hell’s Gunman

By 1884, Mission, Arizona was a dying town. It had once shown promise as a commercial center between Mexico and the territory, but when the railroad connected Los Angeles to Deming, New Mexico, its fortunes began to wane. A tragic event forced Mission’s sheriff of eight years, Jed Dunston, to turn in his badge and leave behind the woman he loves...Read More

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The Keeper's Dare

A look into my family's dark past is the product of this fictional account based on actual events. It is here that my skill as a writer was being honed and after seven years of research and more than 50 interviews...Read More

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This was my first attempt at writing. It started out as a short story, but a year and 183,000 words later I finally wrote 'The End'. ...Read More

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Robert Coward's Bio

I was born in Pasadena, Texas in 1956; the second of only two boys. I grew up under the skyline of Houston but my roots were in deep southeast Texas in the heart of the Big Thicket. My grandparents lived in Saratoga where I would be allowed to visit them during the summers of my youth. I grew to love the piney woods and spent much time in the forest hunting, camping and hiking. In my sophomore year of High School, my parents and I moved to Saratoga where I graduated from West Hardin High School, having been a two year letterman in football and placing second in the State of Texas UIL competition of Poetry Interpretation. I attended what was known then as East Texas Baptist College which is now a full-fledged university. While there my interest in being a thespian was peaked when, on a lark, I tried out for the production of Barefoot in the Park and was tasked with the part of Paul Bratter, the male lead. From there I played Huckleberry Finn in the play with the same name; Lord Darnley in 'Mary, Queen of Scots'; Matt, in the musical 'The Fantastiks' and went on to perform at Odessa College in the summer of 1976 at their replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Merry Wives of Windsor.

I am single and have a daughter named Amanda. My oldest daughter, Lou Ann, passed away in 1999 from complications of spina bifida just a month before her 17th birthday (more on her later). My only son died during pregnancy in 1991.

My career in the oil and gas industry began when I was sixteen years old, working summers as a roustabout in the production field of Saratoga. I have done many things other than oil and gas through the years (construction, retail, bowling alley attendant, funeral sales, minister, dump truck driver, and even a week as a car salesman), but I always returned to the oil and gas industry.

Where travelling is concerned, I have been to every continent save for Australia and Antarctica, and I have no desire to go to Antarctica. I have spent several years in England, living just outside of London, building equipment all over Europe for an offshore development in Nigeria. Other ports of call have included Morocco, Gibraltar, Spain, France, Belgium, Scotland, Norway, Holland, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Venezuela, Mexico, Trinidad, Canada, Nigeria and China. It is from my travels that I have discovered, as Dorothy said so long ago, there is no place like home. However, I have met many wonderful people abroad and made many friends. I have to admit that my writing ability has been enhanced by the exposure to other cultures and customs throughout the world and it is true that all people from all areas of the world are truly alike and want the same things. It is equally true that in every society there are those who practice evil and wish only to take from others what they possess, even their life. Yet, I am a fortunate person to have visited these places and seen the things and met the people that make them great. And, maybe one day, I will get to leave a footprint on Australia.